Longest Span Life Shredder Wear Parts

jys casting recycling products offer the highest performance with well-designed and field proven parts that have long wear life, consistent fits and provide economic value. jys casting experience and quality products can easily support the largest and the smallest recycling operations with parts programs tailored to their specific requirements.

JYS Casting offers a complete line of custom designed castings and wear pats for all automobile and scrap metal shredders九五棋牌官网, Available in proprietary alloys and designed to maximize abrasion resistance and wear life, JYS Casting castings can be supplied in either alloy or manganese compositions to meet your specific needs.Available in 60”, 74”, 80”, 82”, 96”, 98”, 106”, 120”, 122”and 130”mill sizes, we can supply:Hammer, Pin protector,Anvils,Caps,Reject doors,Liners. JYS Casting shredder wear castings are the preferred choice of the world’s leading shredder manufactures.

we provides a complete line of wear-resistant castings for all shredder applications including special design requests.  depending on feed stock, location, application and other important considerations, we provide several special grades of manganese steel for maximum results and a lower cost per shredded ton.  certain items like hammers and rotor caps can also be provided in our cs family of martensitic low alloy steels containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. we constantly redesign shredder components to accommodate specific needs of individual customers for any application.

JYS Casting’s Shredder wear parts feature:

  • Consistent high-quality performance and maximum economic value
  • Lowest cost-per-ton with unsurpassed reliability
  • Full spectrum of recycling wear parts including purpose-built castings, abrasion resistant plate and overlay products
  • Alloy options that fit any application and provide the maximum economic value

Shredder Grates

shredder grates are the mainly shredder wear parts. nanjing jys casting offers high quality manganese shredder grates and alloy shredder grates.

九五棋牌官网jys casting shredder grates include:

  • Solid Grates
  • Half Solid Grates and Spacers
  • Open Bottom Grates
  • Single or Panel Double Styles, supported or self-supporting
  • Alloy grid panels for supported grates
  • Beating plates for top discharge shredders and granulators
  • Intake Spreaders
  • Back Wall Grates
  • Top Grates
  • Reject Doors
Shredder Grates

Shredder Hammer

九五棋牌官网shredder hammer is one of the most important shredder wear parts. nanjing jys casting supplies manganese shredder hammer, alloy shredder hammer, and tic insert shredder hammer to our customers.

nanjing jys casting shredder hammers provide improved shredder wear life and productivity. we stock a variety of hammers for common shredders. made in china.

Shredder Hammer

Shredder Rotor Caps And End Disc Caps

there are other shredder wear parts (rotor caps, end dis caps and others) supplied by us. we use manganese steel and alloy steel to cast those parts, which will help our customer use them to work in different working situation.

Shredder Rotor Caps And End Disc Caps