Cone Crusher Parts

九五棋牌官网when it comes to replacement cone crusher parts, jys casting has been crushing the market for decades. if you demand the peace of mind that comes with iso 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed and warranted replacement parts for your cone crusher. jys casting can supply cone crusher wear parts and cone crusher spare parts with the best quality and suitable price. cone crusher wear parts include cone liners, bowl liners; cone crusher spare parts include: cone crusher spider cap, top shell and spider, cone crusher main shaft, head center, cone crusher step bearing, cone crusher dust seal, cone crusher eccentric bushings, cone crusher bottom shell and so on.

High Manganese Cone Crusher Wear Parts


九五棋牌官网cone crusher manganese wear parts ensure the highest possible wear life is combined with mechanical reliability and numerous mounting possibilities. thanks to the accurately balanced structure, the jys casting manganese cone crusher wears are easy and economical to install.

proprietary alloy for durability and toughness – available in austenitic manganese steel alloy mn14cr2, mn18cr2, and mn22cr2, jys casting’s bowls and mantles are engineered for extended wear life resulting in decreased downtimes and increased cost savings.


  • Superb continuous crushing performance
  • Excellent total crushing economy, low cost per ton
  • Chamber and material selection according to your process
  • High quality and long wear life
  • Proprietary alloys offer increased toughness and durability
  • Better fit for quick and easy replacement
  • Design improvements increase crusher efficiency and prevent premature erosion
  • Tested for longest usable wear life
  • Large inventory of crusher wear parts in stock for immediate deliveries
  • Less downtime for cost savings
High Manganese Cone Crusher Wear Parts
TIC Insert Cone Crusher Wear Parts

TIC Insert Cone Crusher Wear Parts


JYS Casting titanium carbide (TiC) cone crusher wear parts are designed to increase the wear life of wear parts in abrasive environments. Titanium carbide columns are cast within proprietary alloys for added strength and durability.


  • Increased Wear Life – JYS Casting’s unique TiC insert cone liners and bowl liners design features a strengthened high-wear zone for maximum usable wear life and reduced breakage.
  • Strengthens as It Works – Concaves and mantles body are cast in durable manganese steel (Mn18Cr2) that gets harder the longer you work it.
  • Consistent Wear – More consistent wear profile for uniform product output and increased efficiency.
  • Titanium Carbides – TiC inserts currently available are 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 80mm depths.
  • Fewer Change-Outs – Greater durability and longer wear life means fewer change outs, more up-time, and lower maintenance costs

Customer Feedback

Case Study 1: Recycling Plant, Terex MVP450 Cone Crusher

before: competitor’s original terex mvp450 cone liners and bowl liners just working 7 days.

After Switching to JYS Casting TiC: JYS Casting Tic insert cone liners and bowl liners working more than 20 days. 2.85 times wear life!!!